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Bionaut [userpic]
At last!
by Bionaut (bionaut)
at May 31st, 2007 (02:22 pm)

They finally got a fairly good shot of her. The headlines are ablaze all over the world with the latest Loch Ness monster video which many are claiming is the best yet:


raw video: http://www.wltx.com/FYI/story.aspx?storyid=50225

close up video: http://search.bbc.co.uk/cgi-bin/search/results.pl?q=loch+ness+monster&uri=%2Fscotland%2F

At last, we have enough proof to kickstart more expeditions. Cryptozoologists everwhere are analyzing this data.

Bionaut [userpic]
by Bionaut (bionaut)
at November 9th, 2006 (06:19 am)

Man, it has been awhile since I have updated this thing. I will post a somewhat unknown account of a sea monster attack against a diver in a couple of days (as soon as I get done with this stupid dissertation I am working on).

Welcome To My Secret Lair On Skullcrusher Mountain [userpic]
Skunk Ape Photos 4 Sale!
by Welcome To My Secret Lair On Skullcrusher Mountain (_omega_man)
at October 21st, 2006 (12:07 am)

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No, they don't come with 'Odorrama'Collapse )

Welcome To My Secret Lair On Skullcrusher Mountain [userpic]
Remains To Be Seen
by Welcome To My Secret Lair On Skullcrusher Mountain (_omega_man)
at October 5th, 2006 (05:43 am)

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It seems they found some of Nessie's big cousins if you believe the whole
plesiosaur theory:


Bionaut [userpic]
by Bionaut (bionaut)
at April 14th, 2006 (04:28 pm)

His name was Randy Braun and he was hiking on the shores of Lake Superior when he had a startling encounter with one of North America's rarest cryptids: Pressie. Pressie is one of the bigger aquatic cryptids on record, as is also one of the few that is shown to be curious about human interaction (or at least does not display any semblance of fear).

Remember that these first person accounts have little factual evidence to go on except the integrity of the witness and any photographic evidence that can be relied on. The reason I think that this particular account is genuine is that his description of the creature, its actions, as well as what can be discerned from the photograph, is in line with what others have described over the past one hundred years concerning their own observations. First a little history.

Known as "Mishipishu" to the area's Indian population, the animal is depicted in pictographs at various old shoreline sites, either as a spiky cat-like creature or as a serpent. As is the case with North American cryptids, the Indians are usually aware of the creature before us. The number of sightings are fewer than those of his brethren in the other lakes, more than likely due to the sheer size of Lake Superior.

Modern sightings indicate a serpentine species up to at least 75 feet in length with a horse-like head on a longish neck and a tale somewhat like a whale. The jaws are said to be one to two feet across with a heavily muscled head and neck. The creature(s) swim in a vertically undulating fashion and are said to be dark green to jet black in color. The creature has shown a willingness to stalk and at least on one occasion in the 19th century, attack man.

Randy was a 26 year old hiker who making his way down a perilous slope on the beach of Lake Superior when he decided to rest on a boulder on the jagged beach which was punctuated by other large rocks, water channels, trees, etc when he noticed what he claims was a huge creature with the girth of a VW automobile going in between the rocks close to the shore, with the obvious intent of getting to Randy. Randy was able to take a photograph after securing a somewhat safe position behind a boulder as the creature literally stopped and stared at him from an uncomfortable short distance. As most of the pics and his testimony, including the video, are copyrighted by him, I will provide the links to his experience. This is a close up of the head which stared at him from a very short distance (with, might I add, some pretty menacing eyes):

This creature, if indeed it is what Mr Braun states it is, is a huge creature of at least thirty feet in length and a head several feet across. Now on to the links (which I cannot produce here as they are copyrighted):

This is his personal account of what happened: http://www.monstertracker.com/superior.cfm

This is a video of an interview with Braun at the very site where he had the encounter (very interesting, you must view this), you will have to click on the video link within the site: http://www.monstertracker.com/index.cfm

Cryptozoologist Dr. Paul H. LeBlond's analysis of the photo: http://chabbu_x.tripod.com/superiorcrypto/id2.html

A list of sightings (from the sight above):

In September 1894, about halfway between Whitefish Point and Copper Harbor, Michigan, the crews of two steamers observed one of these creatures undulating along in the twilight, its back protruding 6 to 8 feet out of the water.

In July 1895, three members of a steamer crew observed a "hideous creature" off Whitefish Point (MI) which seemed at times to be deliberately pacing their ship. They claimed it had a 15 foot neck and at least a foot wide jaw.

In 1897 near Duluth (MN), a Detroit man fell overboard when his yacht struck a rock. He was then attacked by a huge serpent which allegedly tried to constrict him in the manner of a large Boid snake. Apparently his 3 shipmates also saw the beast.

In the middle 1930's, a serpent, cruising along at 8.5 to 9 miles per hour, was observed by two fisherman at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore by Munising, Michigan. The animal created a strong wake as it swam along the rocky shore.

On a summer day in the early 1960's, an entire family watched a huge animal, alternately showing humps and stretching out straight, swim upriver past the North coast of Sugar Island (MI). No head or tail was observed and it resembled a log when stretched out straight.

Sometime during Memorial Day weekend in 1977, North of Ironwood (MI), hiker Randy Braun was menaced by a huge serpent with a horse-like head and two catfish-type whiskers. As he hid behind a boulder, he managed to snap one photograph of the animal.

In the summer of 1981 or 1982 in Munising,MI, four children and teenagers, all siblings, observed a serpent showing 3-5 humps rising 1-2 feet out of the water (the slower it went the higher the humps). As it came within about 20 yards of the private beach, one of the children ran away crying and the animal headed away showing lower humps.

In the middle 1990's, during the summer, fishermen watched in horror as a large aquatic animal pulled a wading buck deer under (leaving only it's severed head) near Point Iroquois, Michigan.

Bionaut [userpic]
by Bionaut (bionaut)
at April 13th, 2006 (01:41 pm)

My apologies for not posting on a semi-regular basis, an important event has occurred in my life: http://bionaut.livejournal.com/.

Having stated that, I now move on to the next post which I will be posting here in the next day or so concerning an attempt by a creature, within a North American lake, to stalk and kill a hiker in shallow water (complete with an unclear photo).

Unfortunately, there is no possible way I can "top" my introductory post here, but that was not my intent when I started the journal. I merely want to bring to light incidents that many of you may not be aware of, as well as introduce purported, yet somewhat unknown, creatures that inhabit this country of ours. After all, it is the media that decides what you will hear, see, and read and they alone it seems deems what has "entertainment" value.

I will also post a infamous account of a group of divers emerging from a horrifying encounter with a large creature in which only one diver survived to tell of what happened. That man is still alive today forty years after the fact.

Bionaut [userpic]
First post
by Bionaut (bionaut)
at March 23rd, 2006 (12:49 am)

On Thursday morning on August 14th, 1997, one of the strangest incidents ever recorded in the annals of cryptozoology occurred. An incident, that to this day, haunts those researchers and scientists who witnessed the aftermath of what could well be the largest creature ever seen by man. According to Nuevo Tacna inhabitants, a shaking of the earth in the jungle signaled the emergence of a 130 foot long serpent with a diameter of 15 feet, suddenly crashing through the forest, forging a wide path of destruction, flattening thousands of trees in the process before plunging into the Amazon. It was on that day that the "incident" came over the Reuters news wire. Here is the exact article that was sent out over the news wire:

Wednesday August 20 11:03 AM EDT

Monstrous boa reported by terrified villagers

LIMA (Reuter) - Luis Iluma was playing soccer in a village deep in
Peru's Amazon jungle on Tuesday when he saw a black boa constrictor
the size of two passenger buses slither by.

According to Nuevo Tacna inhabitants, a 130-foot long serpent with a
diameter of about 15 feet crashed through the jungle undergrowth,
felling trees and forging a ditch wide enough to drive a tractor

"The villagers and fishermen are terrified," Jorge Chavez, municipal
mayor for Mainas, 170 miles northeast of Lima, told Reuters by

"There were five witnesses present and the rest of the 300 villagers
felt the effect of this thing as it dragged itself along and dived
into the river Napo," he said.

A shocked Iluma said: "It was black, very black."

Peru's two national radio news stations reported the sighting with
skeptism, suggesting the locals mistakenly identified heavy
construction machinery as a snake.

But the boa mystery intensified when local authorities said the dense
jungle forest did not allow access to such large equipment. "Something
strange has taken place. There really is something to the villagers'
versions," Chavez said.

At first we were incredulous. A massive snake two stories high!? One hundred and thirty feet long? We laughed.
Until the pictures came in.
Until the researchers who went there told us that the hair on their necks stood straight up.
Until the scientists at a seismology center 75 miles away recorded a "moving" disturbance.

Picture the room you are in as you read this. Look up at the ceiling over your head. How high is it? Eight feet? Ten feet? Now imagine a creature fifteen feet in diameter.

Here is what exactly happened according to the villagers: Several of them were playing a soccer game when the ground started shaking. "It" suddenly crashed through the trees and made its way through a soccer field where six stunned people watched in horror as a huge snake made their way past them on the field, totally oblivious to their presence. Hundreds of other villagers felt the ground shake as it made its way to the Amazon which was several hundred yards away. It felled thousands of trees like matchsticks as it made its way to the Amazon River and flattened everything that got in front of it. Immediately panic set in and the villagers fled, afraid of the creature coming back. They talked about it having eyes the size of large tire tubes. They all commented on its movement as that of an approaching earthquake: dishes rattled, furniture in the huts shook and the foundations trembled as it made its way past.

They immediately sent for help and radioed for civil assistance. Mr. Jorge Samuel Chávez Sibina, the Mayor of the of the Maynas Provincial County was the first to respond and flew in by hydroplane over the Nueva Tacna Community with a local journalist named Carlos Villarreal, a correspondent from the prestigious Station Radio Programas del Peru (RPP). They heard the inhabitants testimony and investigated the devastation caused by the creature.

After reviewing the carnage, an astonished Chávez Sibina made a call for the National and International Scientific Community to immediately visit the area. Chávez Sibina said "Although there is not a film or photographic fact about this animal, it is evident that something unexplainable has happened here, that is why I think scientific should study this case". Scientists from the Instituto de Investigaciones de la Amazonia Peruana (IIAP) and the Universidad Nacional de la Amazonía Peruana (UNAP) both dispatched teams. After reviewing the areas, all they could state was "that something large" had moved through the area. They interviewed the villagers. When the villagers were interviewed they were terrified, several began to cry as they told of what happened and stated that none of them would come close to the water's edge since the incident. The trail was so big that aerial photography was utilized to try to track where the animal came from. The path had as its origin point an enormous sinkhole at least one hundred feet deep and then curving into a more cavernous area within the jungle.

At first, some members of the Peruvian media (before visiting the site) stated that it was probably large tractors. The resulting expedition by the scientific team realized that was not the case as for starters, there were no tractors contracted anywhere near the area as it is on protected forest land. Secondly, the path led directly into the Amazon, obviously no one is going to drive several huge catapillar tractors into the Amazon and even if they did, they would be easy to spot in the water. Additional evidence came from seismologists who monitored a "disturbance" at the same time the creature made its appearance seventy five miles away.

In addition to the trees being flattened by the thousands, the soil was impacted at least a foot lower than the surrounding area as the creature and its massive weight made its way to the Amazon river. The trail led directly into the Amazon where it disappeared.

Several calls were made to the scientific community in the West to please (!) come and evaluate what had happened. But Western scientists scoffed; when the pictures came in though suddenly everyone wanted to go, but it was too late, the resulting monthly monsoon washed much of it away. What could have been a tremendous opportunity to witness what this beast did was lost. What Western scientists with gear could have done if they had gone! A creature that size does not get away easily yet there was no attempt by our scientists to investigate the matter until it was too late. But there were two teams of researchers/scientists who did go there and who were convinced that "something large came through." What a waste. And now the pics (which I was able to procure from some of the researchers and the Peruvian media):

Below is the area where it happened, in the Peruvian jungle where the village known as Nuevo Tacna is located :

The Mayor flew in with the first team in on hydroplane straight into the village, notice the villagers who have come forward to the plane, they were all seriously affected by the incident:

Aerial shots of the path the creature took to get to the river. This gives an idea of the size of the creature that crashed through the jungle in its hurry to get to the water. Notice the large trees it drug into the river, which are now floating mid-stream:

A closer view of the destruction. One of the villagers who witnessed the creature stated that "It is possible that this boa was for many years in a hole around 10 meters underground that it is at the beginning of the trace and from there, it started to throw down the trees and moving the ground like an earthquake just to submerge itself into the Amazon River."

An on-ground camera shot of some of the path that the creature cleared to get to the water

It knocked large trees down like they were twigs (the research team is in the background):

To this day, the inhabitants are wary of coming close to the water, fearful that "it" might return. Some of the scars of the impacted path are still there nine years later:

Where is it now? Who knows.

Ok, having opened with that, my next post (sometime in the near future) will be an account of a hiker who was wading in waist-high water in a huge lake when he was tracked by a creature with the girth of a VW. A very malevolent creature who maneuvered to attack him. In an effort to escape, the individual squeezed in between two large boulders seventy yards from the shore. The creature circled the rocks trying to get at him. The hiker, in the midst of what he described as incredible fear, leaned over the rock and snapped a pic. I will post both the account and the pic soon.

Bionaut [userpic]
by Bionaut (bionaut)
at March 19th, 2006 (10:59 pm)

This is a test. While I am at it, I might as well present a pic of my wife and I, taken as I just realize that I am going to have to devote some time to creating a cryptozoology community. In fact I am kinda looking for a reason not to start the damn thing as I do not have a great deal of time on my hands, but if enough people are interested I will start posting every few days. I will primarily focus on accounts that present detailed experiences that people have had with these creatures as well as photographs that many of you may have not seen. You must realize that many of these accounts do not make it in to some of our press, or they are featured in news syndicates that you may or may not have access too. Cryptozoology is simply not limited to the "big three" (Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, the Abominable Snowman) but involve literally hundreds of creatures.

Some quick info: My name is Allan (bionaut on livejournal) and I will simply state that I am involved within the world of cryptozoology; I also have a syndicated electronica radio show (totally unrelated). My wife is Anya, and was previously in the Miss Moscow pageant (she is Russian). We both work and live in Memphis.

By the way, she does not believe in any of the creatures within the realm of cryptozoology, providing once again, evidence in the old adage that opposites attract......

In fact, the only "creature" that my wife states should belong within the "lost world" is our cat. We have made a bet, my wife and I, that within the next year there will be firm evidence that one of these creatures exist.

In a short while I will post probably the strangest account I have ever come across and certainly one of the most horrifying.....

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